PES Image Internals

This section of the documentation describes the important sections of the PES image which may be of interest to those that wish to tinker with the set-up of the operating system.

User Accounts

There are two user accounts in the PES image:

Username Password Home Directory
root root /root
pi raspberry /home/pi

Either account can be accessed via SSH or at the command line.


the pi user can run commands as the root user by using the sudo command, e.g. sudo reboot


The PES Image has three partitions. /boot is a FAT16 partition that stores all the files required to boot the Raspberry Pi. This also contains /boot/config.txt that contains various hardware settings for your Raspberry Pi (see below).

The second partition is / otherwise known as the “root” partition. This houses all of the ArchLinux installation upon which PES is based. It is also the place where PES is installed (/opt/pes).

The third partition is /data. This partition is automatically created when you first boot PES after writing the PES SD card image. It will occupy all available space on your SD card. Its purpose is to store all your ROMs and cover art. It is a FAT32 partition which means after the first boot of PES, you can put the SD card into your PC and copy ROMs directly to the SD card if you wish.

Changing the Time Zone


by default the timezone will be set to Europe/London

You can change the time zone from within the PES GUI in the settings menu. However, if you prefer to do this at the command line, then proceed as follows:

You can view the available timezones by running the following command:

timedatectl list-timezones

Then to update the time zone (e.g. to Europe/London in this example):

sudo timedatectl set-timezone Europe/London

Changing the Keyboard Layout


by default the keyboard mapping will be set to UK.

You can view the available keyboard mappings by running the following command:

localectl list-keymaps

Then to update the key mapping (e.g. to UK in this example):

sudo localectl set-keymap --no-convert uk


The colours and font sizes used through the PES GUI can be modified by editing the parameters in /home/pi/pes/conf.d/pes/pes.ini. All colour values are specified as red, green and blue values respectively. Once you have saved your changes, reload or restart PES for the changes to take effect.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution used by the PES GUI can be adjusted by editing /home/pi/pes/conf.d/pes/pes.ini. The default is 1920 x 1080.